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Monday, October 08, 2007

Know Thy Users....

I have been watching Cadbury's and Kurkure Commercials since few months and have observed that the companies are Involving users in each and every phase to make the brand more succesful and satisfy large chunck of customers.

Cadbury's shows half the ad and ask users to submit their views on what happen next,Its not that they have already decided what the next scene would be,its like they expect users to respond to situations and get the best out of it.

Same goes with Kurkure.They are asking users of all the recipes users can make using Kurkure and promising to put their picture on the wrapper making them feel Important.

The Reality shows like Indian Idol and SaReGaMaPa is running on the same path.They ask users to send SMS,call and Vote for the favorite participants..making users feel that their opinion counts.

Every Business nowdays is getting used to Involving users in the process of designing a product,process,website and even Commercials so as to get maximum business as well as customer satisfaction benefits.

so all I would say is KNOW THY USER...


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